Global waste management

1000 waste solutions for 0 waste

In a world that is increasingly producing waste, metawaste is committed to reducing and recycling it.

We help companies and multi-site organizations reduce their environmental footprint. By increasing our customers’ waste sorting and recycling rates, we produce secondary raw materials and limit the use of natural resources.


Collection & sorting

Our approach to waste collection and sorting management is comprehensive. We select our partners (transporters, collectors and sorting center managers) from a local ecosystem. Collection operations are managed on a daily basis via our Genius platform, facilitating coordination between our partners and our operational support department (monitoring, obtaining the necessary regulatory and compliance authorizations). To minimize our environmental footprint, operations are optimized between all collection points.

Monitoring and reporting

metawaste provides reporting data (operational and economic) on all waste flows (tons of waste collected, number of collections, recycling rates, carbon footprint). This information feedback enables us to adopt a continuous improvement approach and to propose new ways of optimizing our operations.


Waste recycling

Waste recovery is the process of transforming waste into new resources. We activate the circular economy loop by converting our customers’ waste into recycled materials. These secondary raw materials help reduce our reliance on natural resources.

Operations management


On-site management :
For larger industrial companies, our experts can set up an on-site team specifically trained in waste management. We take charge of training all site personnel to ensure efficient operations. No need to mobilize your in-house resources.

Management off-site :
We remotely coordinate all logistical services, including transportation, equipment optimization, and mission coordination with our partners. This is done while ensuring seamless communication with our clients.

23'000 T of paper/cardboard waste recycled by 2023

Our expertise enables us to recycle and recover all types of waste: industrial, hazardous, organic, medical…

Reinvent tomorrow, today, with metawaste

Our approach supports our customers on the path towards a circular economy, building a sustainable world in which waste is seen not as a residue, but as a resource. Trusting metawaste means :


Rely on a centralized system with a single billing system and management of operational constraints. With fewer administrative tasks, you can concentrate on your core business.

Working with a single point of contact saves time, simplifies communication and coordinates actions to meet your needs.

Increase the recycling and recovery rate of your waste for a circular and responsible management of secondary raw materials.

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