metawaste is B Corp TM certified

The B Corp label does more than just certify a product or service; it is the only certification that evaluates a company’s entire social and environmental performance. Through the B Impact assessment, it quantifies the influence of a company’s operations and business model on its employees, community, environment and clients.

« Businesses should compete not to be the best in the world, but the best for the world » B Lab

Being part of the B CorpTM movement means joining the circle of positive-impact companies that respect the highest social and environmental standards.

We are proud to be part of this community of players committed to a more contributive, more human and more environmentally-friendly economy.


Obtaining B CorpTM certification is the result of a 10-year sustainable development strategy, which has allowed us to assess our social and environmental impact. This certification is the starting point for our continuous improvement approach, and enables us to involve our entire value chain in the progress and evaluation of our practices.


« Plan B » awareness campaign

In 2023, metawaste took part in the « Plan B » awareness campaign launched by B Lab Switzerland. The main aim of this initiative was to highlight the B Corp movement and initiate a dialogue on how companies can contribute to the transformation of our economic system.

Our Plan B? Collect, sort, recycle and recover waste, creating tomorrow’s resources to build a sustainable world.

Involving our value chain

metawaste is an impact-driven company. This means that we strive to integrate sustainable and responsible practices at every stage of our value chain, so as to have a positive impact on our entire ecosystem: our clients, our employees, but also our partners.


Towards ever more sustainable practices

Our partners are an integral part of our sustainable strategy, so their commitment to a responsible approach is essential. To this end, we have set up a partnership with EcoVadis, a company offering a comprehensive and recognized CSR assessment service, in order to measure their social and environmental impact.

Thanks to EcoVadis’ expertise and assessment, we are able to define an action plan including awareness-raising initiatives, audits and training, aimed at identifying possible synergies and opportunities for innovation.

Our other certifications

We are resolutely committed to a continuous improvement approach, covering both environmental and social aspects through our EcoVadis assessment, as well as the areas of fair trade thanks to Smeta certification and safety with our triple ISO certifications.

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