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Rely on a single point of contact


Simplicity & coordination

metawaste is your single point of contact for waste management. With fewer interlocutors, communication and coordination of your waste treatment become more efficient. Fewer errors, fewer delays, less complexity, for a smoother, simpler waste management.


Operational efficiency

We coordinate and monitor all stages of your waste management. This enables us to implement coherent strategies and efficient processes to reduce, collect, sort and recycle your waste.


Monitoring and reporting

Receive an overview of your environmental performance from a single source: our Genius platform. Trace your waste flows, track your recovery rates and tons of waste collected, and actively manage your environmental performance.


A better environmental impact

By centralizing waste management, it becomes possible to plan collection routes more efficiently. Our experts are able to reduce the number of kilometers traveled by collection trucks and implement a reverse logistics system to minimize fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Metawaste SA

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