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We support our customers in the reduction, optimization and efficient management of their waste, in line with legal requirements and from a responsible, sustainable perspective.


Waste reduction at the source

At metawaste, we take a proactive approach by reducing the amount of waste generated at the source of production and cutting down on unnecessary waste. We also anticipate the waste management of new products and operations.


Audits and optimizations

Our experts carry out audits to determine the quantity, type and source of waste generated at all our customers’ sites. This enables us to devise appropriate waste management strategies that include the conception and financing of tailor-made solutions, and the implementation of appropriate technologies and infrastructures.


Compliance and regulatory watch

The world of waste is infinitely complex, and the packaging, treatment and transportation of waste is strictly regulated. As a result, we maintain an in-depth regulatory watch to guarantee our customers compliance with local regulations, environmental laws and safety standards.



Our expertise must be useful to everyone. Thus, we offer an awareness-raising program with appropriate materials (sorting guide, workshop) to train employees in waste sorting and recycling.

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