Resource sustainability

a second life for your waste

As natural resources are limited, metawaste develops recovery solutions to recycle as much as possible of the materials already extracted. Waste recycling is an integral part of the circular economy, and our aim is to help our customers reduce their environmental footprint by contributing to the production of secondary raw materials.

From waste to recycled materials

Our experts are capable of giving a second life to all types of waste, and can identify recovery channels for « classic » material flows (plastics, cardboard, etc.) as well as specific flows with high added value (HCl, soda, etc.).


Recycled material marketing

We play a key role in supplying recycled materials to industry. These materials are far more energy- and resource-efficient than extracted raw materials. In this way, we pursue our mission as an activator of the circular economy.

Our added value

Our mission is to recover waste, create secondary raw materials and contribute to the production of new resources. Our activities bear a significant environmental responsibility, as they supply manufacturers with recycled materials.


Price transparency

Material trading in the world of waste involves buying and selling secondary raw materials.

At metawaste, we select the best partners at the best prices, while fostering trust between all stakeholders.

Flow traceability

Waste is monitored by transporter and recovery centre. This function provides real-time analysis of waste production on the site, while also offering the possibility of tracking recycled raw materials.

Local ecosystem

We promote the sale and use of recycled materials in local markets, adopting a Swiss and European approach.

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